After a long period of inactivity the site is back

For many months rebuilding this site has been on my to do list, but it hasn't made its way to the top until now. The site required a rebuild because it was terribly broken (an unfortunate, but not unpredictable, result of having built the site on a pre-alpha version of Drupal 7). The site is back up and running now on Drupal 7, which I consider stable enough to be used for my own site.

The site is using the new default Drupal theme: Bartik. I haven't decided if I will re-theme or continue using Bartik. One advantage of using Bartik is the ability for visitors to point out accessibility problems. If there are accessibility problems with Bartik, which isn't completely outside of the realm of possibility, I will file an issue in the Drupal issue tracker and we can see what can be done about addressing the problem in a future release.

If you have visited the site in the past you may have noticed comments on some of the blog articles. I did not spend the time to extract and migrate these out of the old database (the site was * very * broken). Moving forward the site will have a policy, subject to change, of allowing anonymous visitors to comment, however, all comments will need to be approved before they appear on the site. This is to ensure that no spam appears on the site, while at the same time not subjecting visitors to having to solve a visual or audio challenge (CAPTCHA).

Over the next week or so I will be posting articles about recently becoming involved in the W3C HTML WG (HTML Accessibility Task Force), the progress of Drupal 7 accessibility (including table drag and Overlay), and will provide content on the Services page so you will all know what types of services I will provide in exchange for your hard earned money.