Closing a Chapter: stepping down as Drupal's accessibility maintainer

For some time now I have been trying to find an elegant way to step down as the Drupal accessibility maintainer. I will say that the experience of working with the community over the past 3 - 4 years in this role has been nothing less than life changing. I have formed lifelong friendships, helped to raise the communities understanding of accessibility, and have helped to create a product that disability related organizations around the world are adopting as their CMS of choice.

This past weekend was a blast. I had the opportunity to participate in the first day of Drupalcamp Toronto, the second annual Accessibilitycamp Toronto, and the first ever Drupal a11ySprint in Toronto. It was excellent to see participants from one event cross-over to one of the others.

At a11ySprint I asked a friend and colleague to author his first Drupal Core patch, to remove my name from maintainers.txt. It is time for me to pursue other interests, and technical challenges, within the Drupal community. I will still be around if someone would like to ask me a question, but would like to investigate other ways in which I can help build communities and teams around the needs faced by the community.

As I have yet to choose my next pursuit, I asked webchick, who committed the patch of my demise, where she believed there was a need for someone to form a team around a topic / problem area with Drupal. She gave me some interesting responses. I'd love to hear from others where they believe that Drupal could use some team building initiative and leadership.