jQuery UI Accessibility Review

I love jQuery and I like jQuery UI. There has been a lot of accessibility work done to improve jQuery UI (including the jQuery ARIA Hackathon), but there is still work to b done.

jQuery UI is an incredibly popular Javascript UI framework, and is included in Drupal. For these reasons I have committed to performing a one week accessibility review of jQuery UI. I anticipate performing this review the week of November 7. This plan is contingent on having no paid contracts during the week of November 7.

How can you help?

The following are ways in which you can assist me in meeting my goal of performing an accessibility review of jQuery UI.

  1. Assist with the review. In the next week I will post an article with my anticipated process. I encourage anyone interested in assisting with the review (especially from a sighted keyboard only user perspective) to contact me so that we can ensure that the review is thorough.
  2. Commenting on posted bugs. I will be tweeting all bugs that I file against jQuery UI from @ezufelt. Please read and comment on the bugs.
  3. Provide financial support. I love to eat and to be warm. If you or your company are interested in providing financial sponsorship please let me know and I will make sure you and / your company / logo are featured in my daily blog posts and tweets.

Thanks to all who volunteer to contribute. And here's hoping that the project is a great success!