Why I love my wife, and Myplanet Digital

For anyone who hasn't been keeping up with my life, in April I got engaged, and earlier this month I got married. Coincidentally, in January I started full-time contracting for Myplanet Digital (@MyplanetDigital), and at the beginning of this month I became a full-time employee.

Recently I have found myself characterizing my love for Myplanet Digital much like my love for my wife. Since this felt like a bit of a rough week at work I thought I'd write about how my two loves are similar. About two years ago I wrote Why I do what I do: challenge, community, equity. In this I recount how I love challenge and community, but that my interactions have not always been characterized as gentle. As a matter of fact, one colleague once told me that my teaching style was "incendiary".

I love my wife because she supports me, helps me to grow, tells me when I'm wrong, and creates challenge in my life (like when her tea magically spills itself on her Macbook). More importantly, she allows me to recipricate the same opportunities to her. I love Myplanet Digital, and those who I work with, for the same reasons. Working at Myplanet Digital provides me with support, opportunities to grow, opportunities to be wrong, opportunities to be challenged, and the ability to provide these same opportunities to all with whom I work.